What is a VOIP phone system?

A new telephone system designed using new communication technologies, VOIP phones operate from a telephone switchboard connected to a LAN or Internet network. This very modern system converts the audio signal into digital format. We give you more details about this modern phone system.

The types of phones working through the VOIP system

Phones working with VOIP convert the voice signal into digital signal, and then transfer it via internet into standard telephone audio. In the category of VOIP phones, we can find both standard phones, but also simple software softs phones. Click on : what is voip to have more details about SIP (Session Initiation and Protocol) hardware phones are designed for VOIP technology. These phones are particularly designed to work through the Internet rather than on a PSTN network. It is possible to make calls, receive messages, etc. on these phones. The most powerful phones in this category are even capable of making video calls. Soft phones are software that allows you to make calls from software on computers or tablets. Standard phone features are added. This telephone system is ideal for business communications. Analog phones via ATA adapters are functional with a VOIP phone system. ATA adapters can be connected to Ethernet network cables and to the phone.

Functions of a VOIP system

Most modern phones are those that use VOIP systems to make calls. This system is more powerful in the sense that additional phone lines can be added to it without necessarily needing to connect new cables. As mentioned before, the voice is transformed into a digital system and then transmitted via the internet. VOIP minimizes network charges and offers the possibility to communicate over long distances.