What are the main types of computer software?

In the digital world, the use of the word ''software'' is very common. Indeed, it is a key part of the operating system of various computer devices. However, there is hardly a single category of computer software. In fact, computer software is grouped into various branches. Find out more about it through this article.

Paid or proprietary software

This first major category of software includes software designed and sold by companies specializing in this field. However, even if they are paid, this software is not fully controllable by the users. This is justified by the fact that this kind of software contains a copyright that prohibits any copy of it. Therefore, any modification of this type of software is impossible for any user. In addition, it is important to note that proprietary software cannot be resold repeatedly. To read more news about the technology, read this post here.

Freeware or freeware

This second range of software is made of the software that is easily found. Surely, this type of software can be easily found on CD-ROM, on the internet or even in stores dedicated to this kind of thing. So, like the first type of software mentioned above, freeware can be modified. However, their source code remains unchanged no matter what changes are made to them. Nevertheless, freeware is not free forever. In general, this kind of software is only free for a period of six to twelve months. After that time, the features become fully paid for.

Free software

As the name suggests, free software is the type of software that gives all rights to the users. Therefore, the owner or user of the software has all the cards in his hand to modify and control the circulation of the software. Also, if he has computer skills, he can even modify the software, because the source code of the software is open. From that point on, open source software can be charged. On the other hand, when the source code of the software is open, we can say that the software is free. In short, there are three main types of computer software.