What are India's successes in the Asian Cup?

India country have a football team as many others countries in Asia. It plays the football game in the Asian Cup of AFC since the year 1930. Actually, India team is one of the best teams of football game in Asia. It has several chances to play with many others countries. There are a lot of exploits that are realized by India in the Asian Cup. So, you will know all about that in this article.

Victory in three friendly matches

Friendly matches are one of the best matches of indian football team according to their successes. That is evident because they have a great capacity to play with attention and make some good strategies to win and obtain the Victory. That is the reason why they have won during the friendly matches with Australia. That happened in 1930 and 1950. That years are very particular for the India team of football because it has realized a lot of exploits. Apart from these victories, the team also drew games that had put them in the top tier. But, there are also several others successes of India team that you must know. 

The victory against Syria in 2012

India team of football have the opportunity to play against Syria football team in the year 2012. That is one of its exploits in the football game because it had made a great success. Even thought the score is not enough, you Can know that the team had won. India won 2 to 1 playing soccer with Syria during this year. It is important to know that this playing is also a friendly match. This Victory is one of the way that allowed the India to be known as one of the best teams in Asia. However, it had made many others exploits in football game and that gave to the team a great opportunity. The football team of India is very considered and important if the Asian Cup is organized today. 

The development of the visibility of the Asia team

Nowadays, Asia team of football is known by several Asians. They can register a lot of fans that are waiting for them to appreciate the quality of their playing. That is the main reason why they have the chances to be present in the future Asian Cup. Then, they will find the opportunity to play football with others teams and to win. However, it is important for them to prepare themselves seriously. All the exploits and winnings of India team are known by many people in India, Japan and others Asian countries. 

The chance to participate in the Asian Cup in 2024

India team of football have the opportunity to be present in Asian Cup in 2024. Then, you Can understand that it is selected as one of the best team that are able to play well and win for this cup. However, India team of football must have a big time of training, and it must be very performant during the game. That is very important because during the Cup, they will play against Syria and others countries of Asia. According to the analyses of the specialists, India team have many chances to win and make a great surprise during this Asia Cup because of its passed exploits.

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