Used goods: buy, trade, share

Anyone who wants to buy second-hand products at a lower cost, exchange something or share products with friends will find a wide range on the Internet. Using products wisely for as long as possible makes sense: for everyone involved and for the environment. Continuous use leads to less waste. If fewer new products have to be created as a result, this also saves valuable resources.

Buy or sell used goods online

Why throw away something that someone else could still use? Why buy something new when I can get comparable quality on the used market, and at significantly lower prices? Well, you should know that there are many websites on the Internet that quickly connect suppliers and people interested in used goods. The most notable of these sites is It offers both used and new items.

Tips for buying used goods on the Internet

Read the description of the item carefully, and also pay attention to whether there are any defects in the product that are visible in the photos. If something is unclear, ask the seller before you buy. For commercial sellers, read the terms and conditions. There is also a warranty on used goods. Unlike new goods, this can be shortened to 1 year if agreed in detail. Attention: private sellers are entitled to exclude the warranty! If possible, also pay attention to the seller's evaluations. What experiences do other buyers have with this supplier? 

Pay attention to the payment options offered, and the additional costs incurred (e.g. for shipping). And in the case of valuable items, specify who will be responsible for any shipping damage. Do you offer insured delivery? Only disclose sensitive data to websites that you fully trust and that are encrypted. You can recognize encrypted networks by the key symbol in the address line or by the fact that the address line begins with "https://".