Top reasons to have a cat!

The cat has a special relationship with the human being. It is often said that it is independent. But the cat is able to give a soul to your house and make it much more alive than it is already now. If you need a companion but you hesitate for a cat, so here are the 10 reasons that will help you adopt a matou!

A cat is cuddly and a source of inspiration

When the envy will take him, between two meals, the cat will hug yourself against you and ask to be caressed. Take advantage at that time, if you do it well, it will come back more often. The cat is a model of life. The paroxysm of serenity. It's not that he does not understand. It's just that he does not care, because it's not important. Observe them as they stay fixed in front of the landscape. You will see that in the end they may be right to act like that. For more information, see the image source

If you are bored, a cat will allow you to kill the time. It's clean

Indeed, despite it does not need you to play. You can always try to participate in amusing it. If he accepts, you will be able to spend time to occupy it, and it's never time to lose. Via Giphy A cat cleans himself alone, and will do his needs in his litter if you taught him. Clearly, you do not necessarily need to clean it. And you do not need to go out! The only thing you can find, it's up-to-date tapestry and hair.

This allows you to chase rodents from home! it is also a companion

Do you have mice or rats at home? You need a cat. The felines are hunters and have a predatory instinct. If they hunt, it's to keep thLeir natural instinct sharpened. If it brings you back a mouse it's just a gift because he considers you do not know how to hunt and that he must feed you as a member of his family. Accept this offering, but do not eat it. 

it is also a companion who will animate your home, actively or passive. When your cat is installed on the chair next to you, you feel its presence and it's always reassuring. So if you feel alone, take a cat, or two, or three. Via Giphy 8. Cat purrings are good for your health! This has been scientifically proven, the purring of your cat has therapeutic virtues. Their ronrons have relaxing effects similar to meditation. As much for the cat as for the human. This sound helps to recovery and is triggered during an intense emotion. This is why cats badly in points as very happy can purring.