Tikee d’Enlaps : everything you need to know about the installation process

Enlaps, a start-up from Grenoble, invented an award-winning timelapse technology at CES Las Vegas. Tikee includes an energy-autonomous camera, connected to a web application for video editing and sharing on social networks, intended for the real estate and construction sectors. You will discover in this article, the installation process of the Tikee camera.

The process, from installation to using Enlaps cameras to monitor construction

First of all, you should create an Enlaps account on the official website and subscribe to a license if you need it. This account will be used in particular to connect to the Enlaps Tikee Remote application. For more information, you can review on the site. This application available on Android and iOS allows you to configure your cameras via a Bluetooth connection. The packaging of the products is simple but very effective in order to have cameras that arrive in good condition with all the necessary accessories. Regarding the configuration of your camera, it starts with a connection to your smartphone in order to configure the first elements such as the name of the camera, the connection to the cloud and the first timelapse sequence. Once 4G is set up, the images will automatically be sent to the Cloud and you will have access to the camera from anywhere.

Installation of the Enlaps Tikee 3 Pro camera on the construction site

The installation is easy but it should be noted that you will need small tools : a screwdriver, a cutter and cutting pliers. We strongly advise you to be two and to take the time to think about the positioning of your camera because the goal is not to touch it again afterwards. You can use the application to view the field of view of the camera, the framing. A spirit level helps you to place the camera perfectly level. The orientation of the solar panel is also an important element, it must absolutely be on the south side. For this you can use the compass application integrated in the majority of smartphones. It is up to you to tilt the panel correctly to benefit from optimal recharging of the battery.

To follow the construction site, you can attach two cameras to lampposts in order to have a clear view and to be able to secure the cameras. Here are the different steps for fixing the Enlaps camera : to start, you fix the stainless steel reinforcement under the camera to make it more rigid. Once the plate is fixed, you connect the camera to the stainless steel arm then you proceed to the installation on the candelabra.

For this you must use the rubber bands which avoid damaging the mounting bracket, then you tighten with the metal collars. These collars were relatively long compared to the diameter of your lamp post, so you can cut off the protruding piece of collar with wire cutters. To secure the assembly you must install a MasterLock security padlock. The installation is complete, all that remains is to launch your first timelapse in order to validate the correct positioning of the camera.