Former French president jailed on corruption charges

In a historic milestone, a former French president has been jailed. Mr. Sarkozy was found guilty of corruption charges. 

Ex-president of France given three years jail 

Nicholas Sarkozy, who was a former French leader, has been sentenced to three years on corruption charges. His conviction was linked to a bribing allegation of a judge in 2014. He was said to have bribed the official with a promise of getting him a job for sensitive information. Mr. Sarkozy remains the only French president to get a prison sentence.

Legal counsel to the ex-president says that they were going to appeal the decision. Mr. Sarkozy will be free during the appeal period which could take years. The judgment was done by judge Christine Mee said the former president knew his act was wrong and not acceptable.

Legal counsel promises to appeal 

He said what he and legal counsel were doing has battered the image of the justice department. His crimes were categorized under influencing and violating professional secrecy. This is a historic decision for France that has never happened before for offering bonus employment for his close friends. The ex-president died in mid-2019. 

If the appeal fails, Mr. Sarkozy will serve 12 months at home but get tagged electronically. He won't go to jail. Sarkozy's wife and French singer Carla Bruni have said the case was unnecessary persecution, and she promises to use all legal means to support her husband. Mr. Sarkozy did a lot for France especially as it concerned anti-immigration laws and the French economy. 

Mr. Sarkozy was known during his time as a flamboyant leader as he can be seen in flashy attires. The reactions from French citizens are lukewarm as many people look on to how the appeal will turn. Many have reservations that the former president will truly be jailed.