BBC staff arrested in Ethiopia by Army officials

An employee of BBC has been detained by the Ethiopian army. This happened in the war-torn region of Tigray, on Tuesday. 

BBC staff arrested in Ethiopia 

 According to several media sources, Girmay Gebru, who is a staff of BBC Tigrinya has been arrested with five other individuals at a café in the Mekelle region of Ethiopia. It has been reported that Mr. Girmay is taken to an army post in Mekelle. 

The news firm hasn't been able to ascertain why he was arrested but has contacted the government of Ethiopia. Tamirat Yemane, Alula Akalu, and Fitsum Bernanke are the staff of the AFP and Financial Times. It is reported that they have been in jail for three days. The Ethiopian authorities have been at war with rebels from the Tigray region since last year. 

The Ethiopian government has been notified and promises to help 

After the internet blockade in the area, they agreed that some media personnel can visit. Permissions were given to AFP and the FT to cover news about the conflict. According to sources who are privy to the operation, the arrest was carried out by the army. A spokesman for BBC said '' We are deeply concerned about our staff and his whereabouts, we have contacted the relevant authorities and yet to get a feedback '' Fighting has intensified in the Tigray area despite the government saying tibia successful against the People's liberation rebels.

Many civilians and military personnel have lost their lives. Aksoy, thousands of locals have been displaced and fled to neighboring towns foreign concern has grown over the abuses committed by both the government forces and rebels. The humanitarian problem in the area has taken a hit, as many NGOs are calling for help. An official of the government has issued a warning to those feeding the press with fake information, that they will be put to death.