Afghanistan needs US support

Today, a year ago, the Taliban invaded the Afghan capital of Kabul. During this invasion President Ashraf was on the run to leave the country. Afghanistan is currently facing a big economic problem and a restricted freedom for the citizens. For this reason the Afghan women need the help of the United States more than ever. What support can the US provide to the Afghan people? Find out more about US support for Afghanistan in the rest of this article.

Bringing Afghans together   

This is one of the main strategies the US can use to free those thousands of Afghan women. For more information, click on  In order to free these Afghans from the restrictions of basic human rights in their own country and also from the starvation caused by the economic collapse of the Afghan people, Washington and its collaborators need to round up the many Afghans who have left Afghanistan for America and other countries in Europe. A gathering in order to be able to draw up an important programme on the political and especially economic level. This is one of the most important steps for the survival of Afghanistan, as many young Afghan leaders are now working outside Afghanistan. Most of these young Afghans support the resistance, but some of them would also like to find a way out of this crisis. However, bringing these Afghans around the table to establish a political agenda based inside and outside Afghanistan is a good strategy to get out of this crisis.

Engaging the Taliban leadership 

The second strategy would be to engage the Taliban leadership to be more active in the US troop withdrawal agreement. Grand international economic aid would be provided to Afghanistan to overcome the economic crisis. Several leaders from different countries will travel to Afghanistan to discuss with the Taliban leaders. Negotiations will be established between Taliban and international leaders.

Prioritising Afghanistan 

The war in Ukraine must be prioritised, but the Afghan people also need urgent support to get out of the crisis. To regain political and economic stability, Afghanistan relies on support from the US and other regions. International assistance is the only way out of this crisis for the Afghans.