Adrian Cheng towards the construction of a new seaside art district in Hong Kong

In his drive to give a new face to the entrepreneurial sector around the world, the great art collector and entrepreneur Adrian Cheng has set up the construction of a new seaside art district in Hong Kong. An action that has had a positive impact on the entire region concerned.

Finalization of the construction project

Once again in the spotlight, Adrian Cheng continues to innovate in Hong Kong. For this time, it is a project to build a new seaside art district. It is a cultural and commercial front that will be installed on the waterfront of Shenzhen. This rising metropolis of the country should therefore house this district. This complex will be named K11 Ecoast and will be more precisely housed in Prince Bay within the Nanshan district in Shenzhen. This complex occupies more than 2.4 million square feet, or 50 football fields. Its construction is estimated at a value of 10 billion yuan or 1.4 billion dollars.

The advantages of such a construction

The new seaside art district in question will be built to bring a better artistic trait to the city. It will house a multipurpose artistic space, an office building, a shopping center and finally it will offer a beautiful view of the sea. Short walks by the water would then be excellent moments of relaxation. In addition, this project has solicited the intervention of several international architects and artists. Great architects from the United Kingdom such as David Chipperfield, OMA by Rem Koolhaas and the Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto have all been called upon to contribute to the implementation of this project. The public works of Phyllida Barlow from the United Kingdom without forgetting those of Monika Sosnowska from Poland will not be spared either. It should be remembered that this project is being developed jointly with New World Development, a large real estate company founded by Cheng Yu-tung, Adrian Cheng's grandfather.