Senator Warren and other progressive lawmakers want “millionaire” tax

In a bid to get more tax from wealthy and firms, some senators are proposing a wage hike. Though there is some resistance among lawmakers, they insist it is the best for everyone.  Senators propose tax for wealthy people  Senator Elizabeth Warren has joined other lawmakers and the US House like Pramila Jayapal and Branda Boyle to propose a tax on households worth more than $60 million. The progressive lawmakers said on Tuesday that the tax dubbed' Ultra-Millionaire tax act' is to put everyone on the same economic pedestal. This is in line with the 3% annual tax on homes and trust valued betwee... See more

What are the requirements to create an account on 1xBet as an Indian user ?

If you are a bettor in India and want to create an account on 1xBet, it is important to know the requirements necessary to be able to take advantage of all the features offered by this online betting platform. This article walks you through the essential steps to create an account at 1xBet as an Indian user, highlighting the required information and documents. Minimum age and identity verification The first requirement to create an account on 1xBet as an Indian user is to be of legal age to participate in online gambling. In India, this generally means being at least 18 years old, although the... See more