Coronavirus vaccines reduce the risk of illness by 80% of elderly citizens

According to medical experts, recent vaccines will be beneficial to aged citizens. It is widely believed that the COVID-19 vaccine gives elderly citizens protection against fatal illness. 

The COVID-19 vaccine prevents illness in elderly people - Experts 

Any administration of the COVID-19 vaccine of Johnson $ Johnson, Moderna, or Oxford vaccine has been discovered to reduce elderly citizens having a serious medical illness. According to the public health data in the UK, it shows that the protection of elderly citizens starts after a month of vaccination. 

These statistics are based on volunteers aged 89 and above whom have received the COVID-19 jab. The health workers in the UK were happy with the findings but have insisted that two does will give the best protection. Health chief Matt Hancock told media reporters on Tuesday that results from recent vaccines show great promise.

 '' This statistics is good news, and it has further backed our theories that COVID-19 vaccines have reduced intensive care patients among the elderly in the UK.''

Double vaccines offer better protection 

UK's vice chief health officer, Professor Jonathan Van-Tam stated that this result provided a peek into ongoing vaccines and their effect in coming months. However, he said people need to take the second dose to be fully protected against coronavirus. 

Professor Tam stressed the need that a second jab will surely give the vaccine absolute potency. More than 22 million individuals in Britain have been vaccinated which is almost 33% of the entire population. Meanwhile, 105 deaths of COVID-19 patients have been recorded in the UK in three weeks. 

Also, a fresh case of 5, 789 have been seen. Statistics also show that since both Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines have been administered, casualties have reduced. Most European countries will be interested in these statistics as some have refused to give elderly people the Oxford vaccine saying there is no evidence to prove it works on aged citizens.